silver committee regatta lunch pale pink flowers

and the silver medal goes to…

Sydney Christmas parties are in full swing … some with fund-raising on the side Well heeled, well dressed and well fed … the young and the beautiful who comprise the Silver Committee and their friends decended upon Rose Bay’s waterfront hot spot Regatta for a Christmas lunch to raise funds for the Sydney Children’s Hospital. Paying…

Cameo Service Catherine the-great hermitage masterpieces ice cream cooler

Hermitage masterpieces | royal ice-cream | from Russia with love

Just what every blue-blooded ice-cream lover needs this summer… The “Cameo Service” made by the Sèvres Porcelain Factory in France in the late 18th century for Catherine the Great, is one of the grandest and most expensive dinner services ever made. It comprises more than 700 pieces (taking care of dinner, dessert and coffee, including a very divine…

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