Sydney’s new luxury pharmacy | Apothecary chic | Fragrance every which way

Sexy and glamorous. Red carpet ready. Did someone say 'rescue fantasy'?

A new luxury pharmacy with scent to burn and treats for pets opens on Sydney’s fashion strip

There is no end to the number of ways you can appreciate a good scent.

Proof was the official opening this week of Santa Maria Novella at The Intersection in Paddington (Shop 10, 2-16 Glenmore Road), a heady pharmacy-meets-perfumery, exuding apothecary chic.

New kid on the block: apothecary chic

Step through vases of fragrant pink May roses, their petals strewn over the floor, and explore the options.

A terracotta pomegranate releases into the air the Santa Maria Novella Melograno fragrance in which it is soaked. Terracotta urns house pot pourri more oily than dry.

Burn for you: fragrant boxed Armenian papers

Carta d’Armenia are a kind of incense alternative: strips of paper infused with resins and oriental spices, popular, we are told, in plague times. They burn without flame. Nicely boxed in red.

This Italian luxury pharmacy, founded in 1612 in Florence, also has lines of rose water and other hydrating spritzes that double as a fragrance, hand-milled soap, diffusers, wax tablets imbedded with rosebuds to perfume drawers and cupboards, and honey cream hair masks.

From candles to rescue creams: every which way fragrant

There’s toothpaste containing clove and iris powder, and a soothing fix-all rescue potion called Crema Idrasol.

Especially fetching is the gold-leaf embellished porcelain container for pouring massage oil. Designed by architect Filippo Burresi, you light the cotton wick of a candle made from plant oils and emollient butters and the wax melts to a body temperature oil.

Colognes to add to the library include Acqua di Sicilia, Angeli di Firenze, and Tabacco Toscano.

It’s a dog’s life. Only the best china at Stella Maria Novella

Pets are not forgotten. There are designer bowls for dogs and cats, as well as dry shampoo and no-rinse foams. And, of course, deodorant: rose scented for cats, musk for dogs.




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  1. January 28, 2023 @ 8:53 pm Alba Jennings

    Looks amazing certainly a place that I will visit


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