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Niche perfumes | Sexy scents | Fragrance stories

Cool, understated elegance that belies inner sparkle and sizzle.

Premium perfumes no longer owe their cachet to flower power alone. Fragrance is upping the ante with notes borrowed from drugs, French palace floors, and the Three Wise Men, reports Susan Skelly. Niche perfumes are a little like a Scandinavian gourmet pizza – layers of  improbable, intriguing combinations of ingredients foraged by a “nose” who’s…

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Prince of perfume | sniffing the breeze | glitz and spritz

Sexy and glamorous. Red carpet ready. Did someone say 'rescue fantasy'?

Perfume lovers have Nick Smart to thank for retail access to some of the oldest and loveliest fragrances in the world. So how did a property lawyer ended up shrouded in the mists of time? Niche perfume is one of the fastest growing sectors of the multi-billion-dollar fragrance and beauty industry. Of the 2,240 fragrances released last year,…

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