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A word, if you please | writers in paradise | Jaipur in the Maldives

Charisma and character - and just a little bit game-changing. Action!

At the Jaipur Literary Festival Soneva Fushi this week, words are just the beginning… Australians love a writers’ festival. In 2022, some 140 of them are scheduled or in planning, canvassing genres, themes and dedicated authors, including this month’s Sydney Writers Festival (May 16-22). One of the world’s biggest assemblages of writers occurs each year…


Luxury in the time of coronavirus | Rehab in the Maldives | Make mine rare

Cool, understated elegance that belies inner sparkle and sizzle.

What’s the new centrepiece of luxury travel? Ahead of the re-opening of the Maldives to tourists this week, premium hotelier Sonu Shivdasani has been recalibrating… The new luxury, post Covid-19, mused Sonu Shivdasani towards the end of a lockdown on one of his island paradises in the Maldives, will build on rarity. “The majority of…

An overwater bure at the Anantara Kihavah resort in the Maldives

Maldives magic | one-off wonderland | designer paradise

Sexy and glamorous. Red carpet ready. Did someone say 'rescue fantasy'?

Stargazing, underwater dining, art classes, and swimming with manta rays sets one Maldivian destination apart. In the Maldives some things are a given: powdery sand, turquoise water, coral reefs, kaleidoscopic fish, dolphins, starry nights. What, then, are the points of difference in paradise? Unique selling points might be exclusive sandbars for sunset cocktails (Soneva Fushi);…

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